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So much has happened...

It has been a long time since I wrote. I think perhaps that it may help to sort things through in my head and perhaps make some sense of these whirling confusions.

I am no longer at the Academy. Nor am I on Sihnon, or even in the Core. I am now living on Shadow, firmly on the Rim. My parents would be quite distressed if they knew.

I am no longer a Companion trainee. Nor do I have my license, as I thought I would by now. I left the Academy a couple of months ago. During my final tests, I slipped... a younger girl was letting her mouth run away with her, and I slapped her face. This was the final misdemeanor, and I was quite firmly expelled.

My journey took me to Ariel, then to Athens. And then to Shadow, where I found the man who was the reason for me moving to Sihnon in the first place.

However, this is an attempt to gather the scatter threads and weave them together, so I will attempt a more logical pattern.

Since I left Sihnon, there have been a number of occurances. On Athens, there was some manner of terrorist attack... a building on the landing pad was decimated, and a lot of people were killed. I did not get the chance to ask Sheriff Saxon about it before I left. When I arrived on Shadow, I found my way to Gilt Fancies, and Narcissus was there. He took me in straight away.

Last week, I found myself on Athens again, only this time it was with company. Narcisuss and myself attended a ball. I taught him to dance for it. It was... beautiful. Lovely. Until they came. Fire, and blood and screaming and I

I cannot write more about it.

This week was quiet. Soft. I have been feeling better.

Then the people from another ship came back from Santos. They said that everybody in the monestary had been killed. Hezekiah's lady, with them. Now... I don't know what to do for him. I'm not leaving his side, if I can help it.

Hezekiah is a shepherd. I met him on Ariel, when I had first left Sihnon. He didn't know me, and yet he offered me comfort. He is tall, much taller than I am, and he lacks any grace what-so-ever. He is far too innocent, and I think he believes that everybody is capable of being good, if only they try. He calls me "Mo run", and I call him "Mo Huelyn." Both are appropriate. For all of his clumsy manners, he is oddly charming.

And now... he's broken. And I don't know if I can put him back together. I will try.

Anjali is the other important man in my life. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. While that is not usually a term used for males, it suits him so much. Tall, and lithe. Hi hair is long, far longer than mine, and such a vivid golden red. I love touching it, and pulling out his braid. I met him eight years ago, when I was ten. I have loved him ever since, even though I had no contact with him. And now that I'm with him, I love him all the more. I would have faded after Athens, if he hadn't been there. Him and Hezekiah.

I'm going to get a little sleep, now. Perhaps things will be better in the morning.

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