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My time here at the Academy is far too quickly coming to a close, and I find myself increasingly lost in self-reflection. In an effort to free some of that much-needed space in my (admittedly moderate) brain capacity, and ensure there is room for the facts and useful knowledge that I will need, I am going to begin writing some of it down. Or typing it down, at least, for we are in an age of electronics.

Sihnon is the most breathtaking and beautiful place that I have ever been. At night, the city is like a forest filled with fireflies (The insect variety, not the ships!), some of them in repose on the shadowed branches, some of them darting about, dancing with others then pulling away to continue their solitary journey. In the distance, mountains rise, gridelin sentinels against a celeste and celestial backdrop of sky. I can hear the songs of birds from my room, their full-throated chorus greeting me each morning. It has a very special... je ne sais quoi.

Persephone cannot even begin to compare. The constant sound of ships coming and going is terribly mundane compared to the crash of the ocean waves, and the conversations - if I may even use such a term for the gossip - that the nobles have is akin to the babbling of children compared to the enlightenment here.

However... as the final tests all-too-rapidly approach, I find that I am beginning to be apprehensive. I am by no means the least progressed or capable of those at the same age as myself, but still I find I have a disadvantage. That of my sometime volatile nature. A journal is a private place where one may be honest without fear of her words being used against her, so I will be honsest, in all its stark pain. I have already been diciplined for my temper, when I have been unable to bite back comments at the idiocy of some of the other girls.

Any more outburts, and I may be facing expulsion.

However, I am not so maudlin as it may seem. I do have confidence in my own willpower, and I am determined. I will take what comes, and follow the course of my life. I believe God does have a purpose for me, and I will follow His guidance as I continue the path of my life.

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